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12mm Momentary Push Button Switch

Momentary Push Button Switch, URTONE UR125, 1NO SPST DC/AC 36V 2A Aluminum Alloy Metal Shell Suitable for 12mm 1/2" Mounting Hole (Black)

16mm Button

16mm blank or Custom Laser Etched Stainless Steel Button with LED.

16mm Push Button Switch Guard

Plastec spring loaded flip up switch guard for 16mm push buttons.

19mm Push Button Switch Guard

19mm flip up push button switch guard.

1TL1-7 Honey Well On-On-On Switch

Toggle switch SPDT (ON)-OFF)-(ON) Screw term

Aluminum U Shaped Switch Guards

Toggle switches in confined spaces, or just toggle switches whose function you really care about need to be protected from

Engine Start Momentary Push Button

Switch Rating Rated @ 5 AMP. But… We do not recommend running anything directly from the button that pull any

Potentiometer Knob

Knurled Aluminium Potentiometer Knob, 12.5 mm diameter